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Track and Trace
If you are business user (e.g. pizza delivery service, leaflet companies, etc), Greenalp has the perfect solution for you. Provide your own track and trace service to your customers.

Create a dynamic tracking URL and assign up to five users (e.g. your employees) to this URL. Send this URL to your customer so he can use the URL as Track And Trace service.
In contrast to the Guest URL the dynamic URL is only temporarily active. You have full control at which time your customer can track this URL and when the URL expires. This way you can easily prevent your customer to track your employees when he should not have access anymore.
Customize the page displayed to your customer. You can choose between Default Greenalp style or Business style. If you choose Business style you can upload your own company logo.
You can enter details as for example a shipping description which might be interesting for your customer.
Configure a message template and send an email containing the tracking URL with one simple button click.
To create a track and trace URL you need one credit point per day. Example: If you want a URL to stay 10 days active, you will need 10 credit points. Please note that every user can activate a certain amount of free credits once per week.
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Try Track and Trace now. Hint: You can activate "Free credits" there if you would like to test the service.
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