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What is Real-Time GPS Tracker?
Real-Time GPS Tracker is an application for android phones enabling you to share your current location on Google Maps. The application is absolutely free and very easy to use.
Where can I get Real-Time GPS Tracker?
On your Android phone open Market, search for "greenalp" and install the app. For detailed information and user ratings click this link: Real-Time GPS Tracker on Android Market.
How can I see my location?
  1. Launch the app on your phone and push the start-button. Choose username and password and wait until your phone receives the GPS signal (you need clear view of the sky).
  2. Login to this website using the same username and password you have chosen in the previous step. You should see your location on Google Maps now.
How can other users see my location?
The easiest way is to use the sharing function of the app. You can send a message to your friends. They just need to click the link in the message to see your location on Google Maps. Optionally you can upload a photo which is used to show your location on the map.
Can I record tracks lasting several hours or even days?
The web portal always shows your latest track, comprising a maximum of 1000 GPS trackpoints (network locations will be skipped). Older locations are deleted periodically.
If you plan to record longer trips and you want to keep the complete track you will need the Track Loading feature. As long as this feature is active the server won't delete any of your trackpoints. Moreover you can download all of them and you can display tracks on the map even if they contain more than 1000 trackpoints. More information about Track Loading is available here.
Note: As soon as Track Loading expires the server will start again to delete your trackpoints. If you want to keep them you have to download them before.
Can I start/stop the tracker via text messaging (SMS)?
Yes, if you have configured a keyword in the settings you can start and stop the tracker by sending a text message (SMS) to your phone. Please note that the tracker will only start/stop if the text message contains a specific text phrase.
If you use the app RTT2 you can easily send the SMS by using the "SMS command" dialog. It will generate the right SMS phrase for you. Alternatively you can use your standard SMS app to send the SMS. The SMS text must consist of two parts:
  • The first part is the sms password (also called "sms keyword") configured in your settings. If your sms password is "trackme" this part looks like this: rttpwd=trackme
  • The second part depends on the command to be executed:
    • When starting the tracker, this part is "rttcmd=startservice"
    • When stopping the tracker, this part is "rttcmd=stopservice"

Example: If you set your sms password to "trackme" following text messages will be valid:
  • To start the service, send "rttpwd=trackme rttcmd=startservice"
  • To stop the service, send "rttpwd=trackme rttcmd=stopservice"
  • To start GPS (if service is already running), send "rttpwd=trackme rttcmd=startgps"
  • To stop GPS (and keep service running), send "rttpwd=trackme rttcmd=stopgps"

Please note that starting the tracker remotely doesn't necessarily mean that it will send the phone's current location. For example, if data connection is switched off or if the phone is inside a building where no GPS signal is received, the tracker will not be able to send the track data.
Can the tracker send the location without internet connection?
Usually tracking works only if the tracked phone is connected to the Internet. However, there is one exception. If Internet is not available, you can send a SMS remote command, and the tracker will send back a SMS containing the GPS coordinates.
Important: For security reasons the tracker will send the SMS only if you have explicitely allowed this in the tracker settings. Check the remote command section ("Allow automatic SMS") in the tracker settings.

Example: If you set your sms password to "trackme" you can use following commands:
  • If you send sms command "rttpwd=trackme rttcmd=tracksms" (replace the sms password), the tracker will use GPS to determine the location and send back the coordinates. If the GPS signal is too weak the tracker will send back an error message instead.
  • If the GPS signal is too weak to determine the current location, you can alternatively query the last known location by sending this command: "rttpwd=trackme rttcmd=tracksms lastknown" (again, replace the sms password). This command should work very fast because the tracker does not need to aquire a new GPS location. It just will send the last known location.
Why do my tracks disappear sometimes?
Real-Time GPS Tracker displays the most recent track points on the map. If you stop moving all sent track points will refer to the same location and the track will become shorter and shorter. As soon as you continue moving the track will grow again.
Does Greenalp support Geo-Fencing?
Yes, geo-fencing is supported. Greenalp will notify you if the tracked user has entered or left a certain area. You can configure geo-fences in the web portal. Please note that this is a non-free feature. If you want to try, there are very cheap starter packages available. Check here.
Are there more features?
You can send not only your location but also messages. The viewers in the portal can see your last sent message (if it's not too old). They can also send messages to your phone.
Another feature is Track Loading which means you can view your location data from the past. However, this is a non-free feature. If you are interested to test this feature 24 hours for free please contact me via the forum on my homepage.
Is there a password recovery service available?
Password recovery is only possible if you have entered your email address in the web portal settings. Please contact greenalp support to get a new password.
Can I integrate the map into my own web site?
For now does allow to embed the map into external sites, so the answer is yes. However, there is no guarantee that this feature will be available forever. More information...
Anything else?
There is a video help section available on YouTube. Please also visit the Greenalp Forum.