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Embedding the map into your own website supports embedding the map into an external website via iframe.

To activate iframe support you need to purchase the website framing privilege in the app (open the left side menu in the app and open the privilege center). Please check the images below to see how the activation works. Click the red marked sections to start the order process.
  1. Click the menu button on the top left side. The side menu will swipe in.
  2. In the side menu select the Privilege Center.
  3. Click the red marked button in the row "Website Framing".
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IFrame sample code
After the privilege activation you can integrate your map into your website immediately by adding following code (replace "demouser" with your username):


  • If you want to load the satellite view instead of the map view just append the maptype parameter to your iframe URL (e.g. "&maptype=satellite" or "&maptype=hybrid").
  • If you want to load a different zoom level append the zoom parameter to your iframe URL (e.g. "&zoom=14").
  • Many more options are available (show certain timerange, etc).